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Conifers are excellent plants for use in gardens or pots or as hedging, rockery, ground cover or feature plants. Conifers are relatively easy to grow, will tolerate short periods of dryness and are suitable in a full sun position. Species available include Cupressus Sempervirens (Pencil Pine, Golden Pencil Pine), Cupressocyparis Laylandii (Leighton Green, Castlewellan Gold, Naylors Blue), Juniperus X Media (Reids Gold Drift) and Thuja Orientalis (Morgan).



Coprosma is a hardy shrub which grows to around 1.5m. It is suitable for full sun or part shade, is frost resistant and suitable for coastal locations. Coprosma makes an attractive hedge or can be planted into pots or tubs. Varieties available include Copper Shine, Repens Picturata, Repens Marble Queen and Gold Fever.
The Dracaena, also known as the Dragon Tree is an evergreen tree with a grey trunk and large, spiky blue/green leaves. Dracaena is a slow grower and ideal as a feature plant in the garden or a pot. Suitable for a full sun or part shade position.
Myrsine is an evergreen shrub, ideal as a hedging plant. Myrsine grows to a height of 1.5 metres and 75cms wide. It will tolerate mild frost and is suitable for a full sun or part shade position. Myrsine should be pruned regularly to promote its compact growth.
We have a variety of palms available which are suitable for Bali or tropical themed gardens, indoors or out. Palms available include Bangalow, Kentia, Bamboo, Golden Cane.
Yucca is a hardy plant with long strap like foliage emerging from the base of the plant. It is ideal in a full sun position, looks great in pots and will also grow well in coastal locations. It will grow to a height and width of 80cm and requires very little water once established.