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These colourful and evergreen shrubs originated from Asia and North and South America.
The flower colours vary depending on the alkalinity or acidity of the soil, acidic soil producing more blue flowers and alkaline soil producing pink flowers. White flowers are not affected by the pH of the soil. Hydrangeas will grow well in warmer climates and are best suited to part or full shade.

Of the 220 different varieties of Hibiscus, Swanview Plant Farm carries nearly 60 varieties of this flowering shrub. Hibiscus are relatively easy to grow, prefer full sun and sandy, slightly acidic soil. They should be pruned to shape in September to help promote growth. Water well and fertilize regularly during the flowering period.
These small, flowering perennials originated from Madagascar and are perfect as bedding or border plants or simply grown in pots. Vincas prefer full sun. Keep soil moist, and do not let it dry out.
Bougainvilleas are famous for their bright and vivid flowers. They cover walls extremely well or can be grown as a shrub. Bougainvilleas prefer a warm, frost free climate and full sun. Water when needed and prune after flowering.
Lantana is a hardy ground cover that spreads quickly and flowers for most of the year. Lantana can tolerate most conditions but prefers full sun and can survive short periods of dryness. Available in mauve (the most vigorous grower), white and yellow.