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Fuchsias are evergreen flowering plants that prefer part or full shade, particularly in the heat of summer. They require are position protected from frost and wind and require mulching and moderate watering. Pruning will assist dense growth and promote flowering. Go to our Fuchsias site for more care information and current varieties.

These colourful and evergreen shrubs originated from Asia and North and South America.
The flower colours vary depending on the alkalinity or acidity of the soil, acidic soil producing more blue flowers and alkaline soil producing pink flowers. White flowers are not affected by the pH of the soil. Hydrangeas will grow well in warmer climates and are best suited to part or full shade.

Crotons are colourful, decorative shrubs ideal indoors or out. They thrive in a part shade, warm, frost free position, hence they are ideal in tropical themed gardens. Also suitable for pots.
Agapanthus are small strappy plants which produce flowers which emerge in ball shape clusters on stems up to a height of 2 metres. They can be grown in full or part sun and they are drought tolerant. They look stunning grown in groups, along driveways or fencelines or in containers.