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Fuchsias are evergreen flowering plants that prefer part or full shade, particularly in the heat of summer. They require are position protected from frost and wind and require mulching and moderate watering. Pruning will assist dense growth and promote flowering. Go to our Fuchsias site for more care information and current varieties.
Callistemons are native, evergreen bushes which produce colourful masses of flowers. They are especially good for attracting birds and wildlife. Callistemons generally prefer full sun or part shade and will grow from 1 to 4 metres high and wide depending on the variety. Callistemons are hardy and will tolerate dry soils, drought and coastal areas, with some protection. Calistemons should be pruned after flowering. Some varieties, eg. Little John, are also suitable for pots. Varieties available are Dawson River Weeper, Kings Park Special, Endeavour Bottlebrush, Captain Cook, Little John, Reeves Pink and Perth Pink.  
The Correa is a native, evergreen bush which grows to around 1 metre high and wide. It has hanging bell shaped flowers and dense foliage which requires pruning when flowering has finished. Correas are hardy and will grow in a variety of soils and locations, including coastal areas. Correas will attract nectar feeding birds. Varieties available are Pulchella (orange), Pulchella Pink Mist (pink) and Pulchella Dusky Bells (red).  
Diosmas are compact, hardy flowering shrubs which prefer full sun to part shade. Foliage is scented and heather like in appearance and flowers are small and star shaped. Diosmas are great for use as rockery or border plants and are also suitable for pots. Diosmas grow to around 80cm high and spread to various widths depending on the variety. They are frost hardy and require pruning after flowering to shape. Varieties available are Golden Diosma, White Diosma, Red Diosma, Dwarf Pink Diosma and Diosma Lemon Splash.  
Grevilleas are flowering, evergreen native shrubs which prefer full sun to part shade. They grow in a variety of conditions and locations including coastal areas, are hardy and drought resistant. They will grow 50cm to 3 metres high and 1 to 4 metres wide and will attract birds and wildlife. Grevilleas are ideal for native themed gardens or as screening plants and the prostrate varieties are ideal for rockeries and as ground covers. Varieties available are Olivacea Orange, Superb, Crithmifolia, Robyn Gordon, Lemon Supreme, Sea Spray, Gin Gin Gem, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Mt Tamboritha.
Viburnum is an evergreen shrub which produces clusters of scented flowers. It prefers full sun to part shade and will grow to around 3 to 4 metres high and 3 metres wide. They will grow under a variety of conditions and in various locations and soil types. Viburnums are fast growing and make effective screen or hedge plants.